It is now possible to go from missing teeth to having functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth in just one session. If you’d like beautiful smile without having to wait 4 to 6 months as is typical with traditional dental implants, Center For Dental Excellence offers Teeth-In-A-Day™.

A complete smile allows you to enjoy a balanced diet and lets you smile with confidence around friends and family. But not everyone has a complete smile. That’s why dentists offer restorative care. With a restorative service like dental implants, we can help you enjoy your natural appearance and functionality again.

As effective as traditional dental implants are, though, the process can take months to complete. After the initial visit, in which one or more implant posts are inserted in the patient’s jaw, it takes a significant amount of time for them to bond with the bone tissue there. But Teeth-In-A-Day™ changes that.

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How Does Teeth-In-A-Day™ Work?

Also known as ALL-ON-FOUR or ALL-ON-SIX dental implants, the Teeth-In-A-Day™ treatment option makes the restorative process more efficient and effective. Specifically designed for patients who need to replace a full row of teeth, the process begins with a consultation visit at the Center for Dental Excellence in Simsbury and West Hartford. On top of completing a thorough oral exam, our prosthodontists will help you understand your needs and how Teeth-In-A-Day™ will help.

Traditional implants require a significant amount of bone, but Teeth-In-A-Day™ can give patients a strong smile with only a minimum amount of bone present. That’s because of how Teeth-In-A-Day™ works. Teeth-In-A-Day™ typically uses between four to six dental implants to replace a single row of teeth. Two of those implants are inserted near the front of your smile, while at least two occupy a posterior position. What’s more, the posterior implants are angled to take advantage of the healthier bone tissue deeper in the jaw. As a result, patients who might not qualify for a conventional implant procedure can enjoy better oral health and appearance.

Teeth-In-A-Day™ is a revolutionary concept providing patients with fully functioning teeth or dental implants in one single procedure. Teeth-In-A-Day™ allows for collaboration between both the restorative doctor and the surgeon. This merging of knowledge and experience achieves not only increased safety, but also a more precise dental implant placement. In addition, the fabrication of a final prosthesis is completed prior to the surgery. The computer-guided implant surgery is done in an arthroscopic fashion without requiring any flap reflection. This benefits the patient in that there is less postoperative discomfort, less swelling, and less bruising. Often patients can resume their normal activities within a few days.

Precise Planning with Contemporary Technology

Following your consultation, our doctors will begin planning your Teeth-In-A-Day™ procedure. With today’s advanced dental technology, our team at The Center for Dental Excellence can assemble a detailed surgical template. Then, on the day of your appointment, we’ll use this template as our guide to delivering care that’s as minimally invasive as possible. Once your implants have been placed, we’ll finish your procedure by attaching your provisional prosthesis, restoring your entire smile in a single visit.

Thanks to Teeth-In-A-Day™ you can leave Center For Dental Excellence with a beautifully restored smile after just one visit! We would be happy to perform a consultation to determine your eligibility for Teeth-In-A-Day™; contact us to reserve an appointment. The Center for Dental Excellence has a reputation of providing Simsbury, West Hartford, West Simsbury, Weatogue, Tariffville, and surrounding communities with advanced and modern care for more than 50 years.